The Hitachi train carriage was a Christmas present to the people of Melbourne in 1972. The Steel trains made in our great city changed the face of commuter transport in Melbourne and started the phase out of the “Blueys” (due to asbestos). They ran in service until April 2014 and were superseded by trains with air con because apparently the good old-fashioned window down was not enough. The Hitachi carries a lot of sentimental value to the graffiti artists of Melbourne. It was the holy grail of trains to pretty up. Our particular carriage 153M (M standing for Motor Car) started service on 9 June 1978 and ran a service coupled with 340D between Pakenham and Dandenong for a number of years before heading into regular service.

We at Easey’s have resurrected the major elements of the original interior but have added a hospitality twist to it. Come in for a ride and see for yourself.